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Exactly right, what if Leo Fender would have been satisfied with his Broadcaster and quit developing. There wouldn't have been a Stratocaster. Les Paul was also a person to push the envelope, he came up with multitrack recording, solid body guitar, and many more inventions. You can bet he didn't think in a traditional method either. It's thinking outside the box, that great things sometimes happens. I remember reading a quote from Les Paul, where he was saying that he thought that pickups was way outdated nowdays, and that there should be a much better invention to takes it's place. Looks like he still looks to the future.

Now I'm not saying that what your trying to do will change anything, but I'm with Myka, nothing ventured nothing gained. Go for it. Just remember what Thomas Edison once said...

"I am not discouraged, because every wrong attempt discarded is another step forward."

-- Thomas Edison

Very true!!!!

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