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Pickup Tester?


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There was a guy that had a strat with a swiming pool route and no pickguard....he fit the pickups into fiberglass rings with rubber bands and he had it set up so he could slide the pickups in and out without taking strings off....or even detuning....I forget where I saw it...cool idea though....


Actually....I remember another odd one I saw....the pickup routes went straight through the body and the pickups loaded from the back....

really odd but it's another solution for quick swapping...

I don't think it had a pickguard it was screwed through the body pickguard style....


again i can't remember where I saw them

the second one was a custom model made for use and not testing...I forget who made it and for which artist....but it was meant to be played

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A fella on MIMF made a guitar body out of cheapish wood to test pickups positions. He routed out to the correcto depth, all the way from (about an inch awayfrom) the neck, then to the bridge, and left some space for stibility, and set up guide rails, and tested the positions.

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It might be a bit primative but I just wire the pup to a cable and hold it over the strings of a guitar.

Ditto that. You can do a lot with a set of aligator clips like that.

I have a 1/4" jack mounted to a metal plate with some loose wires on it. I use that to clip the output of anything I'm testing (be it a circuit, a pickup, or anything) to something that I can plug a guitar cord into and that runs to the guitar amp.

Lovecraft is also right about clipping the leads of the pickup to the ohmmeter and tapping the magnets with a screwdriver. That's really good for checking the phase of the pickup as well.

Lovecraft, me, or someone should write up a page on playing with ohm meters and pickups to answer this question. This should go in the FAQ bin.

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i took an old cable and cut one end. added a couple of alligator clips to attach to the leads then i can do the screwdriver tap or hold it over the strings and get some idea of how it sounds.

i've been trying to come up with a way to swap out pickups in different configurations and hadn't thought of routing all the way through. with a couple of plexiglass jigs to hold strat or tele or less paul or whatever you could pop one in and then try all the trick wiring you wanted. great idea!

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