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volume box for speaker cabinets?


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I need some sort of a volume box to balance the 2 cabs i used with my tube head. I use a peavey 412ms and a marshall 1960a, the marshall is way louder.

The marshall is 8 ohms and the peavy when in mono is 16 ohms....

So unless someone knows how to rewire the peavey to 8 ohms i just need the specs on a little volume box to turn down the marshall cab slightly..


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The best idea would be to replace the speakers in the Peavey with 8 ohm speakers so the two loads matched, but that's expensive! You can try getting a variable L-pad for the Marshall cab. I think Parts Express carries some that will handle fairly high power - try to get one rated for at least double (if not triple) your amp's output power, since it will literally be dissapating that power as heat. Or you could disconnect two speakers in the Peavey to make it an 8 ohm cabinet. No really good solution, I'm afraid, except putting a quartet of 8 ohm V30s in the Peavey, which would work really well.

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what is the ohmage of your speakers in the peavey. crack the back open and remember that resisetors in parrallel half the resistance resistors in series double the resistance if they are all the same resistance it isnt' to hard to figure the total resistance. check it with a meter to be sure. find four 8 ohm or even 8k resistors and practice with them to find the easiest way. hmm perhaps rewire the marshall.

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