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i really don't know where to discuss this...i think there may be a chance some of you will go overboard,but i think maybe it should be discussed anyway for obvious reasons.

i really feel that this is utter bull.read where the guy says he throws away his fretting tools after using them on stainless.

and i gotta say...i believe that as slick as ss is,i can't see that it is going to wear through strings at all like he says

anyway i just recieved some ss frets and i will be using them soon on a new neck for my cool holoflash fernandes,so i will firsthand be able to talk afterwards...

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utter crap.

by the way, ive played a parker fly, and no it didnt sound

sound bright, very, very bright. So bright in fact, that they sterilize much of the dark to medium tonality gained from using quality tone-woods

let us know how it goes down mr. wesley :D

any chances of a tut on it?

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If stainless frets are a harder, more accurate transfering agent, and that results in your guitar sounding worse, then your guitar is the problem, not your frets. You were relying on a softer fretwire to dampen some of the higher frequencies in the attack portion of the sound. It's like saying that when you switched to string throughs from your floyd rose guitars, you found you preferred the softer attack of the floyds. It's a fair criticism, but like all things roman, is laced with inaccuracies, spin, and some outright lies. A harder fretwire can't "sterilize" the tonewood, it can only increase the transference of vibration.

If you toss tools after the fret job then your tools suck, or you're dumb and wasteful. I mean, what are your files made out of, nickel/silver? They can't take the wear? Idiots. I assume you do your final level with sandpaper and a flat or radiused block. Did you just mean that you have to throw out the sandpaper? Oh boohoo, some stickum sandpaper died a premature death :D

Part of his game is to make rants that slant you toward the things he makes the most money on. From what I've seen they do average work at best. They probably don't want to mess with SS frets so the make a slam on them. He's worse than a politician. The Parkers are sharp and bright (or sterile depending on your perception) because of the overall design. The frets are only a small percentage of that.

And why would SS wear out your strings faster? If they're buffed out the wear should be identical, if not longer! A well buffed SS fret will have less microscopic abrasion. Plus, as time goes on, they SS fret will keep it's buff longer rather than wear away from the string. Nothing will damage strings MORE than a flattened, grooved, or otherwise awkwardly worn N/S fret. Sometimes fretwear turns a burr out on either side. Is that better for the string? I'm done.

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