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the Deft controversy !!!!!


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Well so far what I have read in this forum is that in fact "Deft" gloss nitro (picked it up at Home Depot) will yellow with age. However, the spray can states "goes on clear, stays clear" . This is a rattle can I read this on. So ... which is correct? I'm looking for something that is going to stay clear for a long time..... Any opinions about the Deft ????

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Well that settles that.... "Goes on clear, stays clear" is just a bunch of BS. I'm looking for some gloss clear coat.. non yellowing of course....Well I guess I'll have to wait to have my spray booth fully built so I can spray indoors. Basically I used my wife's old armoire she bought from Home Depot. It's like 6 ft tall by 3 ft wide... good enough to spray a body and to install a exhaust fan to.... Thanks guys for the hands on advice on Deft... Sounds great to use on a neck .... but not what I'm looing for just yet..... Thanks again guys...

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Speaking of notro, can it be applied over duplicolor without issues?

Well... nitro's nitro, and Duplicolor tends to produce either acrylic lacquers or enamels... you'd be mixing paint types. Definately try it on scrap first, and I wouldn't hold my breath.

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