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Whats with splicing?

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I am new to guitar building. I generally do electronic work (Pickups, controls, any kind) and some tech stuff (Bridges, nuts, frets, Tremolos, installments). But, I am trying to build my own guitar. I was wondering, why do most people always splice their wood instead of making it out of one solitary piece of wood? Are there advantages and disadvantages to this? Thanks for any help :D

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If you are refering to the body blanks, I will say it's for the price. You can get a 2 piece blank for 50-up, were the same type one piece would be 85-up, and if you get the timber to do your own the price goes lower. I am trying to get a one piece mahogany myself, but a 2 piece should be good too.

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well as far as i can tell a one piece blank which is properly dried is not going to warp...so don't worry about that,worry about getting a good,dry piece,and finishing it properly.

availability...that is the only reason so many do it that way..it is very tough to find large enough pieces for a one piece

sound?i would say there is a difference...but not a bad one

when i first started i wanted to only make one piece bodies,thanks to ed roman's rants about glue...i have since learned that a quality guitar has less to do with how many glue lines you have,and EVERYTHING to do with quality woodworking(tight joints,clean routs,well thought out design and control placement,etc.)

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