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Weird strings noise

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Ive had that happen to me, and a 'kink' in my E string (around the 5th fret) caused frets 14 - 17 to buzz. I thought it was pritty strange.

but yes, new strings.

If it still does it, then get a laser pointer and hold it around an inch from the 24th fret, and shine it down the top of the frets and you should be able to see any high spots or low spots. I doubt a manufactured guitar will have unleveled frets, but its worth a try.

Leave the strings on when you are doing this, because if you take them off it will take some of the tension off of the neck, and it may have a relief or bow that it normaly wouldnt have.

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audible vibrations. Makes me think the truss-rod is vibrating, but it's a long shot saying that. Does the t-rod have tension on it ?

Most importanly, can you get an idea where the "weird noises" are coming from ?

It can often be a tuning machine vibrating.

Ithought about somenthing loose too, but it's very rare to hear it when playing the E or G string. usualy when playing the heavy ones! But if he goes with the whole set up tutorial he is going to come up with whats wrong with it.

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:D hmmmm, hard to say where it comes from but, the headstock is where i can listen it louder. The idea of something loose was in my head too. PS: I'm in the 2nd part of the tutorial.

This is something that might be what Soap was talking about! like a loose cover for a tunner. just do the tutorial, it will help you understand your guitar better and make it more playable.

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