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hey guys here are my first two inlays

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this is my first one it was an old vantage les paul that i stripped all the paint of to find out that it was all mahogany! the headstock had been broken off and the switch was moved so i vennered ebony on the headstock and did an inlay over the old switch hole. it was my first finish job and man do i hate finishing a guitar!




this last one is a pbass that i refinished this is the carvin headstock that i designed for it.

like i said before these are my first inlays and finishing projects so please be gentle with your criticsms thanks rye :D

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:D Excellent. I'd be stunned if I could do those as first attempts, cos I know I don't have the patience for one thing!


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thanks guys so far ive only done four totaly and i love doing them so whenever i have a freind who buys an old guitar i always try to talk him into letting me inlay it with something,so far it worked twice.the first two are my own though. hey wes actually the les paul was built by vantage so thats why i was surprised to see that it was mahogany! i thought for sure it would've been somethin else,so did myfreind who sold it to me boy was he bumbed when i told him what it was.haha B)

but it sounds as good as any real les paul! and plays just as great!

thanks for the kind words guys it realy helps me want to persue guitar building as a career. i gotta get out of my contsruction job its killin me!

rye :D

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hey brian accualy i did the headstock inlays and the sun inlay on the body before i finished it (it was stripped down ) it accualy had a really cool bookmatched swamp ash vennered top but the venneer was very very thin so when i was sanding it itsanded through the top venneer wich was a bummer cuase i was gonna do a trans. finish on it.

but on the inlays that i do to already finished guitars i use painters tape(its usualy blue and sold at home depot) that stuff doesnt leave any sticky residue after wards. i just place it around the area that the dremel router base would ride on . most of the inlay work i do by hand with the dremel but for removing the mass of material inside of my inlay lines i use a dremel router base that i attached a clear plexy glass bottom to becuase they only come with a round edge and that is not good enough to work with.

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