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I need a bit of advice with buying a router, yes I know theres been lots of topics on them, and I've read most of them, but I need a little help picking between these two:




The first one has more power, but I've not heard of that brand before... but the 2nd one seems to have guides that would probably be really helpful...

I dont know much about routers, and I only want a basic/mid-range one as I only plan to make a few guitars as and when I feel, not go into production or anything... plus my dad is getting into wood working so he's agreed to go halve's on buying a router B)

1.3kw is plenty enough right? I know I read that less than 1kw isnt powerful enough, but 1.3 is close to that...

thanks, I feel dumb when it comes to buying tools :D also going to get a 10" spokeshave from there and also maybe a 65mm hand rasp :D

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yeah I saw those Makita ones (will be running off 240v btw) but they're under 1kw and I thought you needed more than 1kw for a router? or thats what I read anyways...

which would be better the Makita or the Bosch? you said the bosch was bottom of the line so, dont Bosch make good routers? I know they make some nice hand drills and other stuff

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there is a noticable different when using a more powerfull router, if your dad plans to use it aswell i'd suggest you guys bite the bullet and get something medium to high end, the reason is the percision with which the router will be made and operate, you can get a 3hp router for under 100$ here fine and dandy but it'll be all giggly, hard to fine tune and adjust, where as a 200$ router is just made better.

What you're looking for is an edge guide, a router that supports both 1/4" and 1/2" collets, and at least 1-3/4hp

I think the freud is the best deal on that site..


Also see if you can look into porter cable, if they're available in your country, i keep hearing great things about their routers.

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yeah that ones not bad, but I still have a price budget as I'm a poor student, and I dont know what sort of work my dad plans on doing with it, nothing heavy duty I don't think...

just found this on another site:


looks quite good to me also... shame you cant go to these places and try them out like you would a guitar before buying it... lol

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what is the budget?

That axminister one looks pretty good. I dont know how to convert HP to Watts tho.

This is an economically priced medium duty router suitable for home and light trade use. It has all the features found in more expensive machines and will serve well for those users who have some need to use large diameter cutters, although not in a trade or industrial environment. Supplied with 1/4" and 1/2" collets, side fence, 1 1/2" diameter guide bush, adaptor so that the BGB range of guide bushes in the "Jigs & Accessories Hardware" section can be used and a moulded storage case. Adaptors for fitting 8mm and 3/8" collets are listed below.

Looks good to me. Derek is more of a router guru than myself. Wait for his opinion.

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The Axmimister looks like the best deal to me. The one thing I would get for sure is the 1/4 and 1/2" collets. Some of the bigger bits have 1/2" shanks. Another handy thing is to have variable speeds. If you buy one without, you can buy a speed controller for about $25 US. I have one and it works great.

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