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double action truss rod

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I haven't seen anyone make a double action truss rod but I have seen a couple of homemade single action rods if you want some links. Since you mentioned you're a newbie, you don't *really* need a double action rod, sure it's always nice to have but the vast majority of guitars out there have single action rods and work perfectly fine.



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I don't think I've seen detailed plans for a dual-action truss rod --only words describing it.

It ends up being a folded-over 3/16" single rod of steel attached to a little metal block that has threaded holes ... or ... it is 2 rods, with metal blocks at either end: top rod anchored, the bottom rod acting like a turn-buckle with lefthand threads on one end and right-hand threads on the other end.

The Cumpiano/Natelson book (or website?) explains the folded-over double-action rod construction.

Also, see MIMF dicussion. mimf

I am pretty sure that the MIMF (www.mimf.com) has a library of articles that cover truss rod construction. You have to register to get access to the library link.

-- joe

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thats some pretty sketchy construction there. just go spend the 15$ and buy yourself a good one to start off with.

same reason i just bought a pre slotted/ pre radiused fretboard. SCREW all that "making everythin yourself" crap. im building a custom bridge setup in SolidWorks so ive got my fill of making stuff. and i do NOT see the point of trying to do by hand with a pull saw and miter box for *hours* of work to what a cnc can do in 10 min.

especially on your first guitar. you should just be getting basics of shaping body/routing down. leave all the precise complicated stuff for later to experiment with. trust me, its gonna take long enough allready. dont worry about that

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Some link?, nothing?


try to be a little more patient please...some people have to work and are not available to post 24 hours a day...if you give it a day,you will almost always get some information,and when you come back after less than 2 hours and ask again like you did,you just give the impression that you don't have enough patience for building a guitar anyway....

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They work like this:


Turn the adjusting nut clockwise, it will bend the rod back, like you are decreasing relief, turn it counter clockwise, and it adds relief. I've used one on the StewMac hotrods and was kind of amazed by the design, it's kind of funky. The idle rod, or rod that doesn't move, on the StewMac rods is threaded as well, but that's only for the perpose of assembly.

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