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Where to buy fiber optic cable?


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I've been looking everywhere to find some bare fiber optic cable to do some side-dot inlays on my next project. Digikey.com has cable, but the only cable with a decent description is a non-stock item, and you have to buy like 63 meters of it. There are no decent electronics stores around here (RadioShack is the only electronics store, and they don't carry bare fiber optic cable.) If anyone has seen or bought the stuff, let me know.

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shieldselectronics.com i belive is the website. now granted its not bulk cable its pre fabed connectors but they have a 6 jfoot piece for a coupleof bucks.

edmund scientific catalog had a fiberoptic kit that had about 20 feet or so for 19.95 plus different connectors and a guide on how to cut it a certain way to get an image upside down and other fun tricks.

another thing is theres a resource on the web that would let you make your own as in a true diy way. but in a nutshell its some mylar and thin plastic rod. [very very thin i found some of it at my local hardware store and i couldnt' remmeber for the life of me what they said they used it for.]

also they make some plastic monofilament fishing line that is ungodly thick i dont' remember the guage though but i tried to buy my dad some for christmas one year [he is a big fishing fanatic.] and i got the wrong kind from the store i wanted to get the largest role i could find not thinking that it woudl be thicker guage.

anyway it was about the size of the nylon guitar strings that we use on a classical and wonders of wonders when i did a haunted house i got the idea of feeding a light through it. [similar to these things at radioshack] and i paintedeverything with spraypaint and where it didnt' adheare all the way i had these cool laser looking lights all over the room. hope that helps.

also for the site i was talking about with the mylar i coudlnt' find it or it has been taken down [a poorley funded kids site i foudn years ago] but it basically suggested somehting like extrememly high test fishing line and some mylar and wrapping it around the fishing line. and using super glue to hold the mylar on as in incasing the line wiht mylar and using superglue to seal the mylar on it. instead of just glueing it. something about the glue not letting the light bounce off the mylar maybe its crap i dont know but it seemed to give me decent results but i didint' put it in a guitar.

if interested i will see if i can find the proper guage fishing line as it carries light really well..

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Try a search for fiber optic lighting - I think what you're looking for is called endglow cable, but I have seen unjacketed plastic cable selling really cheap at some of the lighting places, so that might be the way to go.

Thanks, that helped a lot. But now I have another question, what is the difference between endglow (here) and regular unjacketed fiber (here)?

My concerns with the endglow fiber are 1. it's only .75mm (I'd like 1.5mm), 2. it's jacketed, so I'd have to strip it, and 3. it would take about a lot more room (vertically) than the unjacketed fiber, which I could lay flat.

Although I guess 3 doesn't matter, since I'd need to strip it. I guess the .75mm size is my only big issue :D

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20$ argh.. man thats a weeks worth of food :D

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Did you try this place yet (fiberopticproducts.com)? That's where I got mine.

Yea, I saw the link in your LED tutorial. I actually posted this before I posted in your thread, when Lovekraft suggested it. That's one of the two places I've been looking at. Thanks again :D I haven't ordered anything yet, I'm still in the planning stages of my next build.

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