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Refret Difficulties?


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fretting is the most detail oriented and most important part in the playability of your guitar,as far as i am concerned...i would say it is damn near impossible to do a really great job on the first attempt..

it took me about 3 guitars to finally start to "get it"...but i still have problems with my latest...it is a good fretting job but a poor crowning and polishing job...my first fret was a nightmare...i had to shave off about 1/8 of the height of some of those frets just to level them with the others...the ALOT of work recrowning and polishing...but now it is a great playing guitar...because i went back over it after i started to "get it" on a few other guitars...

i think brian has a tutorial on refretting on the main site...follow it

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I just got a few blank pieces of Pine ( yesh i know its not the right wood ) radiused them and practised fretting on them until I got it. That was using Brians Tut on the main site. Wes is right its something you just cant do straight out which is why I used the pine for practise. once I felt confident enought I went for it proper and had already learnt most of what can go wrong with the pine that cost me about $5. hell of a lot cheaper than working on any guitar neck! But I'm glad now that I did!! try it! :D

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