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4 Push/Pull Pots


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Right then dudes, this is a bit of a follow up question to my last one.......

....... I'm going to have 4 pots on my LP Jr (1 tone and 1 vol for each humbucker)

What I was going to do was have a push/pull for each tone pot and have the neck pup split between single/double coil and the other tone pot givin in/out of phase.

This has evolved slightly as now I want more sounds to play with :D (if it ain't broke, it ain't got enough features - as someone wise on this board once told me, if only I could remember who said it) I was thinking of using push/pull pots for the volumes too so that I can fiddle about with more options.

Can anyone help me out here? I don't need a diagram (well not yet anyway) but I don't know what other usefull features to put on it.

Someone please help because I want toys to play with B)

Cheers guys, see you Monday.

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f it ain't broke, it ain't got enough features - as someone wise on this board once told me, if only I could remember who said it

I do believe lucky1 has something similar in his sig.

As for the pots, you'll have to wait for someone who know something about electronics; but coil taps are never a bad idea! If you have a 2 hum LP, then each pot could act as a kill switch on each coil, thus giving you a ton of combos.

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You can't really fade one pickup in or out when they're wired in series - because they're in series, any change affects the entire circuit.

<EDIT>Sorry - I just grasped what you said! :D It's gonna take a little more complicated switching setup, but it 's worth looking at.

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lovekraft, oops mate, I reacted a bit too fast I see. Here's what I typed before your edit :

I respectfully disagree. In my Strat I use one pot as a fader for the neck pickup in series with the bridge pickup at position 5 of the selector. It's a 250K log pot (previously tone control) shunting the neck pickup as a variable resistor. It works fine, I use it all the time. I also made a 2HB diagram for someone that works how I described in my previous post (only difference is no out of phase switch) and got some good feedback.

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hmm what about jimmy pages wiring schematic????

what about using ldr's and leds in your guitar to really change the impeadance. instead of using the pots resistance.

what about taking the pot and instead of a regular tone pot. make it where one of them is sectioned with wires off of it like in rg keens article the secret life of pots. so you could run that one through a choke and have a quarter of a million capacitors in there doing different things and when you pull the pot out it does something completely different. and keep one push pull as a lead boost by putting a small resistor in series [perhaps with a bleed cap so you dont loose highs.] and have it so that when you pull the knob up you remove that effectively making it seem like your guitars louder [when in fact that it is no longer loaded down. works on my buddies seven string. he thinks he has an active boost now. i even put in a nice little black epoxy block in there that he thinks has a "special batterie and filtration unit" that recharges by playing it. but then agiain thats what he wanted to belive so he does.]


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I actually favour parallel/series switching.. I prefer the parallel for cleans and the series when I need more ooomph.. :D

Anyway, here's an idea I've been turning around in my head for a bit.. Use a blend pot to blend between the series and the parallel.. Or, for those who prefer the single/double coil thing, (theoretically) use a normal pot to 'blend' in between the 2.. If I'm not wrong, though, Washburn's already building guitars with this last single/double thingy.. Anyway, just a thought..

Oh.. Antique Electronics sells this pretty cool looking DPDT push/push pot.. An interesting alternative to the push/pull.. A bit of a pain to try and pull when your hands are sweaty..

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I just read your post. I am sort of dense with computers but I have a schematic that would probaly work for you. If you could tell me how to attach a file or upload a picture to the PG website, I will get this out for people to look at. The guys at Seymour Duncan verified this for me. It basically is a switch combo that does the following:

Has an on/off for each pickup

Has a series/split/parallel for each pickup

Has a phase shift for each pickup

Has a Volume and Tone for each pickup

What I did was use:

a Push/Pull DPDT for the volume and on/off

a Push/Pull DPDT for the Tone and the phase

an On/On/On switch for the series/split/parallel

I use three Humbuckers with this on my guitar. I stopped counting at around 80 different combinations. It is not to difficult to solder and looks pretty cool (assuming you use small nobs and switches to keep the 6 nobs and three switches from spreading out all over the face of the guitar).

Just tell me how I can upload this or where I should send the schematic and I will send it off).


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