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Wilkinson Stud bushings


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I have a wilkinson that i'm installing and everything I can find indicates that the bushing is 10MM. What would be the best size hole to drill for this bushing.

Do you just press it in? I thought I heard that it might be better to treat the hole with some kind of glue before installing. It is soft wood ( basswood).



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generaly a 10mm bushing would require a 10mm hole, would it not?

you can use some 30 second super T glue, but that will make it awfully hard to remove if you ever have too (i'll bet you 1,000,000.00$ you'll want/have to at least once before that guitar reache's the end of it's life in a couple of decades)

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I believe it was actually Floyd Rose himself that used to drill larger holes and set in Maple Dowels just to make the surface more solid in case you're over active wit the whammy. On one of my early trials on a basswood body I had very small inserts and HAD to set the posts into some hardwood because they were so small and they wanted to pull out almost immediately. You'll probably have to set them in before you route the slot for the trem block tho since you won't have the clearance needed after the dowels are in there. As in, You have to route off part of the dowels.

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"generaly a 10mm bushing would require a 10mm hole, would it not?"

I'm what the 10mm means. the bushing has vertical ridges (i'm not sure of the proper terminology). Is the 10mm the outside of the ridges, which would mean that I need to drill my hold slightly smaller. Or is 10 mm the the actual rounded part without the ridges that would mean that probally a 10mm hole would be good.

I thought some folks used a small amout of super glue to harden the wood. They treated the hole with superglue and then pressed on the bushing after the glue had hardened.

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