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Where to get wood?

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I am wondering where people are getting wood for painted bodies

I am looking for a REASONABLE supplier for my new project

I would take Korina, Alder, or Mahogany

It will be painted a solid color, so I don't care if it is streaked or dis-colored

I would even take 3 piece blanks

Can anyone help??????????


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here are a couple of places to try-



or you could call your local sawmill and see what they have. they would probably plain it to thickness for you also.

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If you live in north east or eastern ohio, there is an amish mill called keim lumber near millersburg. It's an amazing place, and is hard not to leave with more than you really need. =) It's about 2 acers of buildings filled with rough cut wood. You can still see the grain enough to find more choice pieces tho, and they offer milling of the wood as well for a couple bucks more.

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a question on the topic:

is it important to pick the right piece of wood? I mean, I've heard of people going out knocking on those pieces of wood to find the ones that give the best tone. sounds like voodoo to me, but I don't really know? because if that's something you have to think about it's suddenly a whole lot harder to get the correct wood from the sawmill (unless you can actually see/hear the difference between two pieces of alder or whatever)...

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thats a good price for a blank, if you cant make your own....thats african mahogany though, its not a true mahogany per se.....honduran mahogany is the best and what you want...also, its pretty common to find mahogany in 12/4 or wider ..so you could actual call up a wood supplier and have them cut and plane some for you at a cheaper price and you have instant blanks! that auction was around $15 bft, whereas you could get it dressed from a supplier for around $7 bft

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