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hey Drak


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There's no real collection up on-line, they're all here with me.

I will usually (the way I used to do it generally) post pics and leave them up for a few weeks until everybody's seen them then pull them back down again to leave me room on the free server.

Maybe one day I'll get my act together and fire up a website and host everything on-line, but not as of yet.

I have so many projects going already, it would be hard to devote the time to just collecting and arranging and getting something like that together, I don't know where I would find the time, although I would like to.

That's why I admired the great guitar building tutorials that were posted here this year, it takes serious time to edit and arrange those into a nice package as those guys did, I would just grab a router and another body and just 'get to it' instead, hehehe.

Heck, when I was posting my Sunday Night Pics there for awhile, it would still take a full hour or better to download, edit, upload, and post 10 pics.

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Also you can consider making kinda of a "collage" ( can't tell if this is spelled right) of all your guitars in a few pages! If you are good with Photoshop you can do it your self, if not you can send me the pics to my e-mail, and I have my co-worker help me do it, she is freaking awsome with PS7, and I work right next to the school for media in the ARMY and the students there are always looking for projects for their final note. Let me know!

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