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Krylon Paint with Lacquer Clearcoat


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I read that enamel paint doesnt mix well with lacquer clearcoat, and that it will "bubble" up. The krylon says "Clean hands with Lacquer or paint thinner"

so im not even sure if its enamel or not.

I tried it on a test scrap of cardboard and didnt see any bubbles. i dont have a test scrap of wood to test it on...

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i wouldn't generalize on the whole krylon vs duplicolor thing. both of them, after all, are under the Sherwin-Williams Company. I think Brian himself has had some success with Krylon cans.

i think it would be best for you to email Krylon's customer support if you already have the can in hand. they can be quite helpful.

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I know librero, I just posted that because of a bad experience witrh the guitar I was making at the moment.

This is the guitar after I finished the 4th coat!


And this is what happened to it after being outside for about 1 hr in a shaded/sun area.





Thats the only reason why!

I had used Krylon for other stuff in the house, but Iwill never use it on a guitar again. And I PM Brian, he has used it (the triple glaze) on neck and haven't had a problem, so I guess, as long as you leave it away from heat, or lamps that generate heat, you should be fine!

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Maiden, Hope you get that guitar sorted out cuz it's awesome. I love the shape and the paint. Can you drop fill those spots and clean it up? I drop filled my headstock and it turned out fine but it wasn't 2 colors, Just Black.

I can't because it is a silver base with metallic blue and a candy blue (hi-speed name for the duplicolor blue metalcast) so it will be extremely difficult to get the same tone.

Here is a link to the thread.

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