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Jackson Floyd Rose Lic.

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Ok.. So I took the Floyd Rose copy off my Jackson..... replaced the trem bar to a new style... Now I set the whole thing up.. intonation and all.... (at least I think I did it right) .. This is a recess mount tremolo by the way..... Now when I bend a note.. I actually see the bridge pulling up ... as if I pushed on the bar slightly... This sucks because if I hold a bend and hit another note.... it all sound out of tune.. But when I let the bend go ... it's back to normal. :D In fact any type of bending make the bridge move ... I don't think it should do that ...

So what are my options.... are the springs too weak.. or not adjusted correctly? Did I just goof and my set up is all off ? Should I just get a better tremolo ? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.... thanks..

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Ok.. if that's normal.. I guess I'll have to get use to it.... It feels strange, since I've been playing on a Tele and an Ibanez acoustic for the past 4 years ..LOL... So it's been about 4-5 years since I owned a guitar w/ a tremolo ... it is a first time I had a "floating trem' B) So I'm getting acquainted.. I also have to learn not to press too hard on whatever note I am fretting..... This Jackson has jumbo frets... so I noticed if I press too hard... the note goes sharp :D This is way different from my MIM Tele. Funny how each guitar has a distinct feel and playability .... I guess that gives me even more of a reason to own 10 guitars !!!!!

thanks for the input....

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