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Painting Pickguards?

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depends what kinda of guitar you have, if it's a generic strat copy chances are they will... if it's an Ibanez RG or look alike, that might be a bit harder to find localy, call around though. If that fails there are several online store that carry pretty much any pickguard you'd want.

yes, knobs are available in black... and depends what kind of pickup covers you need,

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I do have one more question... if i were to replace my pickguard, there wouldn't be any need for rewiring, would there? It seems the just will screw off, and the new one will just screw on.

Also, instead of buying new pickup covers... since you know, i'm not scratching my pick on them, i could just paint them couldn't i?

Am i wrong?


I just wanna take the cheap bastard's way out :D

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No you would not have to do any rewiring. The pickguard will just screw off, you will have to unscrew the pickups and controls of the pickguard to.

Yes you can paint pickups but you could use bobbin toppers as well. It is a lot quicker and easyer to use them. Brian sells them at Universal Jems.

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