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Building a Body

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i am starting to build my own guitar. i am going to base the body on a Peavey T-60. However, i want to use a 25.5 " (648 mm) neck on it (probably a telecaster). what dimensions should i cut out for the neck-joint?

what i am going to do is just have 1 pickup in the center of the body to show off the wood (and to make things simple.....) any suggestions??? also,which should i use: a string-through or stop tailpiece? what are the advantages of each??

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Hi doggage5050 and welcome to the forum B)

Man there are people all around my area that swear by their Peavey T-60's as rock solid players. Anyway your going to want to make a standard neck pocket for what ever the heal is on your neck, the measurment you need the most is going to be where to set up the bridge since your dealing with a 25.5 " scale your going to want to have plenty of meat left on the bout (no problem for that body design though).

A string through will improve the sustain and tone over a standard stop tailpiece. Course a standard stop tail piece is easier to install since you don't have to have a drill press with a deep enough reach to make the holes for the strings and ferrules on the body. :D

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i have another question regarding string through bodies.

the hole you drill to pass the string through is in a straigth angle (i think that is said that way, sorry for my english) or has it to be in another one so as the strings not to touch the wood, or maybe that's the intention B)

if there's an angle, which is it. if there's not, and the strings touch the wood, should anything be put between the string and the wood at the end of the hole, cos i think the string would cut into the wood a channel

just call me fool, but i've never seen one of those except for photographs on the net, so there's a lot of thinks i just couldn't figure out

keep on rockin' :D

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