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Using A Router To Radius The Fretboard


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I built this device that allows you to swing a router across the surface of the soon-to-be fretboard. The router sits in a guide roughly 3 feet wide that allows it to be moved the length of the fretboard. The fretboard gets clamped down under the router. The arms on the sides are drilled with different radius holes so that you can move it up or down for 15' to 10' radiuses. The entire device was mounted on the end of my workbench.


It worked very well with only a few minor problems. Ripping out the side of the fretboard can be a problem so i could only shave about a 1/16" at a time. The router base got a little sticky in the guides but some lithium spray lubricant helped it moved freely. After routing i used a 10 inch sanding block to smooth out any burns or rough spots. After that the fretboard is ready to have slots cut. I'll post a picture with dimensions to help anyone who wants to try and make one of these.

OK, i moved this topic to the tutorials section. check out all the pics and description there. Bench-Top Router Radiusing

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I had plans to d othis myself, but I won't be working on it until I can set up my shop which will be in about 7-9 months. I planed on placing hinges on the top brace, that way I could do a compound radius. Like warmoth 9-16 or anything in between. I like to see that I'm not crazy and that somebody thoguth about it too. Nice job!

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The only major problem I see is that your gonna have some tearout if your not careful, that's kinda why I want to build an overhead swing style over a long belt sander. What would be awesome is if I had a way to use the neck jig to hold it perfectly in place while it sanded down the frets exact.. haha

Matt, the same thing will apply to your idea, If you are afraid of tear out, you can even use an orbital sander instead of the router! I got it all planed out, hopefuly by the time I get to Texas and get my house I will start unleashing all this crazy ideas that I have.

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