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How to do pickguard silver-plated and finished to

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How to do pickguard silver-plated and finished to type Ibanez 7 Jem bsb? I need aid. :D

Hello B) I would like to know if somebody knows how to do or to paint on plastic to do pickguard type Ibanez jem 7 bsb guitar? :D .... some data would help me much. And if somebody knows how finished of Jem 7 bsb? Apparently could be burned a little the body but very little, anyway, to dye itself with anilina dark green color, and soon lacquer, will be well? Thanks to all! Good bye from Chile... :D

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Hello Brian! B) Thanks for your aid... will be to me of much utility! A single question, the color painted aluminum this on pickguard OF PLASTIC :D so that it stays as Jem 7 bsb? you it asked it because I could buy used pickguard but of white color, will be to me util? Brian Thanks! :D

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Hello to all! B)

This in the my project to do a guitar similar to the Ibanez Jem 7 BSB :D . I saw, seems that in Ibanez rules or jem site, that the ALUMINIUM PLATE COLOR PICKGUARD sell US $80 !!!! B) , it is necessary to look for an alternative, by Internet a friend sell a pickguard ibanez rg white color...

I found a form to paint pickguard with painting spray. These were the steps:

1º leagues together with sandpaper to the water, very fine, I I use one silac 280 (of Switzerland).

2º a primer layer, to dry 24 hrs.

3º Painting with spray (it enamels) color chromium, 24 hrs, soon to sandpaper. I use paint that sell in Chile, marks Marsson. There there will be the many best ones. :D

Until now is being: Here is a photo of the first step

B) The idea is that they are 3 painting layers color chromium. Paint-sandpaper-paint-to sandpaper...

4º In order to finalize the idea it is, in the last painting layer, to sandpaper with sandpaper hyper fine, and soon layers of transparency acrilic lacquer

It seems to Them a good idea?..The key as everything is the patience! :D When she is ready I will put a photo... Luck :D

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Hello Dear Brian! B)

Ji Ji, that is the first passage of the work :D , very much time to finish buhhh! like to finish now Ji Ji..much. :D

The key is the patience! thanks very much! :D

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