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Question About A Body

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Ok, I got a Jackson JDR 94 body that I'm working on. It's alder or poplar, I'm not sure I do can say that the top is yellowish looking and when I started carving the body Inoticed a greenish looking wood, I will be working on this body tomorrow, since I finaly got a safety class that the woodshop on post requieres before letting you work there and I will be doing some major surgery on it. My question is that I want to put a cap on it, I'm not going to go with a figurre one, all Im interested is in beefing up the sound and I was thinking either a hard maple top about 1/2" or a 1" mahogany back.

I will be posting pics as soon as photobucket comes up again, but I already did an AANJ type neck pocket mod and carved the top horns a bit rounded since this is a flat top type like this one . And also smoothed out the top and bottom parts of the belly cut to have a more flowing appearance. Will this have an impact on the sound or it will be minimal? Drak, Brian, Wes, Jeremy, Myka, Setch, there are too many to mention.

Pics added.

Overview, the center pup will be filled, and it will be converted to hard tail.


Carve so far of the horns and cutaways


smooth belly cut


Pic of the guitar before I started working on it.


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hmmm...sounds like poplar,because of the greenish tint

i don't know enough about poplar to really be sure,but i have paired mahogany with alder before to add a little more "beefyness"

maple cap?i would think that would take it in the other direction...with more highs

emg 85 at the bridge has a way of beefing up the sound though

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I agree with Wes, probably Poplar, the greenish wood is a givaway clue.

My opinion (you won't like it) would be to not modify that body, but just finish it off as you wish, it's looking real good just as it is.


Because to add either a top or back would really be a -lot- of work and hassle, when you could buy your own raw woods and make any body you wanted to instead of trying to 'save' that one.

New top? Everything will have to be re-routed and shaped, basically same for the bottom.

I've done that kind of thing before and the end result wasn't worth the time and trouble invested (my opinion)

So I'd say just keep going with that one and maybe modify it like Wes said, slap a cool veneer on it maybe, and start your own new body from scratch using exactly what you want to use and be REALLY happy with that one.

And changing that body over to a hardtail with the right pkps might just add the beefiness you're looking for right there. :D

Use a good solid chunk of good wood to fill the floyd cavity, and make it fit real tight, like you have to almost hammer that muther in place, that might be your train trip to beefy-town right there.

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If you added a 1/2" maple top wouldn't you have to also add 1/2" inside the neck pocket? If not, your fretboard would be recessed into the body. If you did add 1/2" inside the neck pocket, your heel would be awful thick, and I don't think you could take enough off the back of the heel to safely hold the neck and make the heel thin enough. I would do exactly what Drak said and fill in the tremelo route and put a hardtail on it. Throw in some Duncans and rock on.

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Thanks guys, I think that I will just let it go and carve it a bit more to satisfy my taste in this case... don't know were that will take me but I like the way it's coming so far.

Drak will you suggest using poplar to fill the hole or any other wood, I can get walnut, mahogany, and maple in the regular woods and they have cherry and cedar on other which I haven't heard much here, the cedar is realy colorful with light and redish veins running thru it.

This will be a solid color, maybe some 5150 again but in other metalic hues, maybe blue, red and silver. Or a silver flake with black candy on top, might even consider a hole candy 5150. Too many colors, I will figure it out later.

HGW(Heavner), when I refer about the 1/2" cap, I meant to plane it before adding it, that's the way a cap or top is added, not like a veneer that you just glue on.

And Wes I will love to get the 85 at the bridge, right now I have a 81/60 combo waiting for this guitar to be finished, but if I don't like either I can always yank the 85 out of the LP just to see how it will sound.

Thanks for the advise like always it's not taken lightly...

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