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Open wah sound when volume fully open

Guest AlexVDL

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Guest AlexVDL

I have the following problem... :o

I just put in two Gibson ceramic pickups in my les paul., the 496R and 500T. The bridge pickup (500T) sounds like an open wah pedal when I fully open the volume pot. :D

It is just one conductor (or two, depends how you look at it). I soldered everything correctly, hot wire to pot and wire covering to ground (pot base). I didn't connected my tone pots, so I have volume only. :D

When I turn the volume from 10 to 8, the sound disappears and everything sounds ok. But once turned to 10 again it looks like I steped on my wah wah pedal. A bit nosy sound... B)

What could this be?? Damaged pickup? Wrong connection? Too much output? :o

I tried to lower the gain on my amp but that did not work, neither did lowering the pickup so it gets farther away from the strings. :D

Does somebody know this problem and has an answer for it?




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dying capacitor????? i once had a cap that was dying and it was loosing and gaining capacitance. and since i lef the tone just below 10 then it was fluxuating.. i wish i could recreate that sound witha pedal though,

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