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Wilkinson Route Information Needed

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if you're looking for a wilkinson bridge, i foudn one for 42 dollars :D , i dunno if thats a good price, but heres the link

Here ya go

You looking for gotoh bridges or tuners? respond and ill get on it B) good luck. i used to have good sources but i lost them all when my laptop broke, new computers have their bad side...

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hey Dave,

I used this one for my Wilkinson bridge guitar. I measured my template and it seems the only difference between the Wilkinson route and the standard Strat trem route (besides the obvious 4 floating trem holes) is that the standard Strat bridge posts are 1/32 in farther apart. Hope that helps.

Best Regards,


Gotoh wilkinson will retrofit onto a American Standard/deluxe strat... One of the trem knife edge is elongated so you can be off a hair in terms of stud spacing and still fit.

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I'm having trouble finding information on this site or any other regarding the route template for a Wilkinson trem. Can anyone help? I'm getting close to the point in my project where I'll be doing my routing and I'd like to buy or make a template.



Same route as for a fender trem with posts. The Stew-mac template works great.

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