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Brian! Your 35 Degree Fret Angling File...


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OK guys, did you notice that Brian's tool has two working surfaces? One at almost 90 degrees so that you file the sides of the frets, and then turn it around and its at 35 degrees for the fret bevel. His is a recreation of the stew-mac tool, hence going the "long way around".

Also, what is the "grit" of the file you guys are using? I would think fairly fine?

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I made one of these tools today. Man, I'm proud. :D Its the first woodworking project I've actually finished. LOL.

I was getting ready to glue on my cloth and happened to see the duct tape out of the corner of my eye. I did Red Green proud! Let me tell you, there was a kitchen hand towel breathing a sigh of relief!

Also, my file was too wide to pound into the groove I cut, so I took a second pass at it. Now the groove was just slightly too wide. Fortunately, I had some epoxy on hand.

Anyway, thanks for posting your tutorial Brian! It's helped to build my confidence with my table saw a little bit, too. It only cost me 6 bucks to build!

Next, I'm going to make the fret bender.

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