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Hey, i'm new to the forums but may as well jump right in.

I've recently had to replace the 5 way selector switch in my 80s Squire Strat. For most of the wires, i just resoldered the originals onto the new selector. However, one of the wires wasn't long, so i'm going to have to replace it. I've circled the wire in question in the diagramn below.


Anyway, my question is:

Will i need a specific type of replacement wire? Such as audio wire etc.

Sorry for the stupid question, and thanks in advance.

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It's a Squire, right? Use any 22AWG stranded wire you can find (or solid, if you prefer) - it's not like you're restoring a 1947 Stromberg jazz box or something. :D

just off the top of my head,i believe doorbell wire is a smaller guage than that.

solid wire is great,i recently used some on my bc rich,only thing is that it is hard to bend into those tiny places.

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:D Sorry, Wes, that really wasn't aimed at you so much as the whole thread - yours was the only post that had any specific information in it at all. It was like nobody else was willing to commit to answering the question. :D

I bought a bunch of this stuff quite a while back because they had several colors besides red green black and white, but for us Shackaholics, Radio Shack has stranded in 3-paks , or if you need solid core, there's this 3-pak, at fairly reasonable prices, and usually in stock in their retail stores. If you want the"vintage" cloth-covered wire, you will have to go to Stew-Mac or somewhere similar.

For the record, traditional American doorbell wire (whatever that is B) ) is insulated 18AWG copper wire. That's the same size we use for ground busses in tube amps. :D

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