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Wood Thickness With Carved Top

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:D im using 5/16" quilted on my fist guitar. its not 5a, its pretty basic. nice looking wood, ones a lil more figured, but i want to have the body wood showing when u look straight at it.i think it will look cool. especially if you use a dark wood veneer on the body before you apply your top, youll get a nice pinstripe around the guitar. got inspired by this:

Alembic Custom - East Meets West

But i think i might give it a 45 degree bevel on the edges. worth trying IMO. but i hear some woods like ebony on maple can dirty the maple. so be careful.

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If you're gonna bookmatch it your gonna loose about 1/8" from the blade then another 1/8" (approximately) to plane out the saw marks.

For a PRS style carve you'll need close to a 2" figured piece ($Cha Ching$) to get it as deep as they do (before bookmatching) and still have another 1/4" for the faux binding.

So approximately 1/2" of material will not be carved once you add the sawing, planing and binding leaving around 1/2" deep carve (maybe add 1/8" since the carve is slightly deeper than the edge binding, good to have a little extra to work with though).

You can get a little creative on how you approach your carve instead of doing exactly as PRS and still get a similar effect & skipping the faux binding will save you another 1/4".

I was able to use a 15/16" figured piece for the carve because instead of bookmatching the top I had a piece that was long enough to do a flip join. Then I lined the figuring up as close as possible (the wood had a pretty consisent grain pattern which helped alot).

The flames don't line up exactly but it's really close and I'm happy with it.

Quilted maple I think would be tough to line up though.

If xebryus' 1/2" piece is already bookmatched and ready to carve you'll have enough for the PRS style carve if you skip the faux binding.

IMO, for a PRS style carve and binding you'll need about a 3/4" ready to carve top.

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