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Maple Neck With Basswood?


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would this match be a bad idea? i know basswood is susposed to be more on the warmer sounding side and maple is bright, but i wanted to find 2 light woods, and have a neck wood that is really strong. i was planning on a basswood body and hard maple neck laminated with peices of wenge going through it and a ebony fretboard and a ebony peghead.

also would it be a good idea to laminate some peices of wenge through the basswood body blank? this guitar design is going to be a "soloist" with a through neck.


btw incase ur wondering why i dont just use all maple, i wanted to use basswood to mimick Joe Satriani's sound. i belive his ibanez is made from basswood.

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yea basswood will be just the wings. i know the neck migh be a lil heavey from the added wenge but the neck will run through the guitar and be over twice as thick when ut runs through the body o that should even somewieght out a bit. i thought maple an basswood were about the same weight in the first place?

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