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8 String Guitar Neck Question

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I have built a few 8 strings, I think it probably would be ok, but, not at wizard thickness's, first of all, wizard thickness will feel way to much like a board. A wizard is only 17mm thick at the nut, I use 21mm and it feels thinner than a wizard due to the width.

For safety sake I also use two 1/4" x 1/4" solid carbon fiber rods, they may be overkill, but the 8 strings aren't cheap, I don't want to have my customers having a problem down the road.

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Hey I don't want to highjack you thread but I think I should add this one in hear instead of starting a new thread I was just wondering if any one knows of a place where I can buy 8 string parts like a bridge and pickup's and all that, I could make the bridge myself but not the pickup's!!



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Hipshot makes an 8 string fixed bridge, that's what I've been using.

EMG 45DC pickups work nicely for an 8 string, they are 6 string bass pickups, but they work quite well.

Seymour Duncan is making 8 string pickups for the Leviiiathan guitar but they do not come cheap :D

I thought originally about using dual truss rods, but as mentioned, if they aren't adjusted exactly the same they can cause a twist, the single rod with the carbon fiber rods in there seem to work great, again, I'm not even convinced the carbon rods are necessary, it's really not that much more tension than a 7 string, but I like the extra bit of comfort in knowing that the carbon is there.

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Wow! Thanks for the great responses (LGM definitely)!

I am in fact a fan of Meshuggah and I've wanted to try out an 8 string guitar. I've already received the 8 string bridge from Hipshot and the Emg's are on the way.

I'll definitely take your advice on the carbon rods.

Metal Matt >> no worries about a hijack, more information the better.

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