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painting designs

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there are endless possibilities but basically

you prep the guitar (sanding down, basecoat if you want....etc)

then paint your design on

then seal with usually a spray of some sort

and after each layer of anything you would usually do some fine sanding to

fix lumps, blemishes...etc

but there are many others here who have way more experience then me :D

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heh actually some questions have been bugging me a long time: does it have to be a certain type of paint? Can it be aerosol or brushed on? And, assuming I use a stencil to spray paint on the body, how do i fix it so it doesnt move while i'm spraying (because the body isn't neccessarily perfectly flat (contours etc)??

thanks :D

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Air brush artist's use a material called Frisket to creat their templates, it can handle contour's for the most part.

If you would like to see some pre-cut click here. Those are expensive simply because they did all of the cutting for you but you can get the raw material from most art supply and craft stores.

If you don't remeber the name Frisket just tell the cleark your looking for airbrush template or stencil material :D

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Brian, those ones are pricey because they are precut permanent stencils, not frisket at all. they are handheld and work quite well.

In terms of what kind of paint you use, well, that totally depends on what kind of clear you will use, if you are going to use Poly Urethane clear, almost any paint underneath will work, if you are going to use Laquer, almost nothing will work well. Try to keep with one brand or at least type of paint if at all possible.

I use very little masking in airbrushing, generally if I do mask, it will just be one basic outline that I will fog in very gently just to get a shape, then it's all done freehand, the problem with masks, is in airbrushing, a hard edge always seems to look funny unless it's meant to be a really hard edge, but it's hard to incorporate hard edges with the softer lines of airbrushing. This mostly pertains to murals though, things like flames, often look better with a crisp edge, with certain exceptions,

The flames on this were ALL freehand, in fact, everything except the very basic outline of the woman was done freehand.


This Bass was done completely freehand, no masks at all


and this guitar, was done all masked, no freehand


and last, the graphic on this one was all done by hand with a brush, then the edges were bursted with the airbrush freehand


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i wish i had that kind of artistic talent.that's definately my weak area. :D

Kick back n think about it, I guy once threw a hand full of earthworks into several paint buckets then on to a canvas and made a fortune.

Takes awhile but I bet your going to come up with something fantastic one day B)

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