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Bridge For My New V

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ok so i scored a stripped down jackson rr v for 50 bucks at a music store going out of business. its routed for a trem, like a standard fender style not floyd rose. im not too sure on what im going to replace it with tho. it doesnt have holes drilled for posts like for a wilkinson or anything, and it has 4(strange?) screw holes where the old bridge attached as opposed to 2 or 6. what would be some good options for something that can do decent divebombs and stay in tune well? im not terribly familiar with these styles of trems, im more knowledgeable on floyds. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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The Fender style trem I use on my Washburn, well, lets say after 2 or 3 dive bombs (like, waaaaaaaaaay down, you could pretty much swap pups out if you wanted too, lol) it will stay in tune a bit, maybe go out 4 cents flat on each string, sometimes only on a few strings

Post some pics of the body man, might give people better idea for trem


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i would ideally like a floyd, but i dont have a router or a good workspace as my house is in a perpetual state of reconstruction. i think ill go with a vintage strat, it looks like it will work i just need to put some more screw holes in to mount it up...no biggie ive gotta refret it so this will be the least of the work.


ok warmoth has a 'standard tremolo' that is mounted on 2 holes, for 50, and stewmac has a wilkinson vintage style 6 hole for 90 bucks. as both require me to drill the same 2 holes, and they both fit, its not an issue of compatability but quality. im guessing the wilkinson will be nicer but what do you guys think?

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Im thinking about getting a strat trem for my kramer. I think they stay in tune well while doing dive bombs and such. Its all a matter of opinion tho.

it must be - cause your one of the first people ive heard of who is going to deliberately seek out a standard strat trem for doing divebombs? I'm pretty out of touch - newer strats have a 2 point syncronised tremolo now though dont they?

Didn't mean to take a dig, I just didnt see the logic - feel free to explain it to me though.

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