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Hipshot String Thru Bridge And 0 Angle?

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You may want to buy the taller of the two bridges. Maybe.

I bought the shorter of the two... zero neck angle... pocket is about 5/8" deep... and I'm having to crank up the bridge adjusters to get enough clearance between the strings and frets... but it's pretty close to being right.


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do a little math and draw it out full scale instead of relying on "i think" type replies.

Oh... come on... where's the fun in that?

Seriously, I thought I had it figured correctly, but the neck isn't bowing as much as I had expected... and it looks like it's not bowing as much from the 10th fret down as it does from the 10th fret up... so I'm trying to figure out if I'm doing something wrong, or if this used neck I bought was sold because it has some quarks. I may try some heavier strings, to see if that helps.

By the way, the intonation adjusters on that hardtail can be adjusted up... as much as 3/16"... so it's fairly forgiving in that respect.

And my neck is a copy of a standard size Fender Strat neck... including the nut.


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That's why you are supposed to fit your parts before any finishing is to be done. That way you know if you have to rout the neck a bit more.

The 5/8 neck pocket means crap, because if you are making your own neck it might be a bit taller or smaller than the regular ones sold.

Neck bowing?? the neck bow is suppoed to be kept to a minimum, between .005-.015 " when measured at the 7-10 fret depending on the amount of frets. And I think that some people prefer even no bow, if not what's the reason of using a neck jig for fet work?

My neck nut is 1 11/16 too, so you should be OK.

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That's why you are supposed to fit your parts ... blah blah blah ... The 5/8 neck pocket means crap ... blah blah blah ... Neck bowing?? ... blah blah blah ... if not what's the reason of using a neck jig for fet work?

The next time I want to learn something through respectful, intelligent, open discussion, I'll remember that terse little rant of yours and go someplace else.

What a prick!

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Maybe my response was a little terse, but you have to remember that some of us are here because we barely have a clue.

I have built gunstocks with extremely tight tolerances, designed furniture that ended up in fine hotels... but I have NEVER built a guitar. Eveything I know about building guitars (which isn't much, in the grand scheme of things) I have learned by READING. Since I'm just wrapping up my first project, my experience level is still minimal. Therefore, I will make "stupid" mistakes, and I will post "stupid" questions/responses.

That doesn't mean people have to "sugar coat" their responses, but a little diplomacy and patience will go a long way.

Back to the original subject, I'm still trying to figure out how to adjust this neck or bridge to get the right amount of space between the frets and strings. My inexperienced eyes tell me that I'm off by less than 2 degrees, maybe less than 1 degree... but I've never built a guitar, so I don't know what exactly should be done to rectify this very minute problem.

From the 10th fret up, everything seems to be very close to right. But from the 10th down, the strings are almost parallel to the frets. Should I...

A) Raise the intonation adjusters to their highest adjustment and see if that will work,

:D Add a shim under the bridge, so I have some height adjustment left in the intonation adjusters,

C) Try putting a 1 degree angle on the heel of the neck (or in the neck pocket) to raise the head/nut a fraction of an inch,

D) Put heavier strings on and see if the neck responds properly, or

E) Just experiment with a combination of some of the above.


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If you could post a pic of your guitar we could help more. Everything you need to know to set up a guitar is here. Make sure that you go from the 1st one to the last. It will explain how to and were to make the measurements.

The explantion of yours sounds like the rod is too loose, and your neck is "bowing" too much, you shouldn't be able to see the bow in it. At least not very noticiable. they should run almost parallel to the body but with a slight angle, it will be minimum.

I do remember that, I was there some time ago, jsut that I like to read about this and I have read almost every tutorial on the main site and I sometimes forget that some people get here and don't know about the main site because they have been refered to the forum.

Godd luck with this.

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