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Does A High Gloss Finish Have To Be Sprayed?

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It will likely be too cold to spray a finish on my project guitar when it's complete so is it possible to wipe and buff a high gloss finish on?

I'm thinking of using a dye and sanding sealer and then a clear coat. I would consider an oil finish as well as long as I can use a dye first. Obviously, I've got some finish-research to do.



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If you are not confident spraying in cold weather I will suggest you wait until you can paint. Brushed finish can be affected by cold weather too, also you have to be willing to color sand for ages to get a smooth finish from the brush stroke lines, unless you are a master in brushed on finishes, I haven't got any luck with this.

Or apply the stain let it dry complete and go to an auto finishing place and ask them if they can spray some clear over it while they are applying it to one of the cars they have on shop. Some might be nice and don't charge as much, I'm working on a deal with a local painter, :D that will be sweet.

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Coen used a roller and brushing lacquer, and got perfect vintage Fender finishes repeatedly!


It's a lot more about prep and polishing than how you apply the paint - There's more on how he did it on this thread:


It would also be worth your while to read Jeremy's (LGM) tutorials on painting and polishing in the Tutorial section

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