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String Through Bridge Questions

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Hello, I recently recived a free guitar body through my mothers job. This will be the first ever guitar i have built and i have at least one question to help me get started. I have no idea what bridge this guitar is routed for and i was wondering if anyone could tell from my diagram or know of any sites that i could use to figure this out. I know that the body is a peavy but i havent been able to find a matching style on their site. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


note:Ibielieve that the dot labled with the red arrow is for grounding

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do the line of dots going across the bottom mean holes through the body? if so it looks like a 'normal" surface mount hardtail bridge to me. Well I am tired though.

go to stemac's web site and look at the "tele" style bridges. it might resemble one of those.


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