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Offset Dot Inlays


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Hello to everybody. I am new here, I searched the forum but I haven't found any results on quiery "Offset Dot Inlays"....

Well, if anyone could tell me (measure me) what are the radiuses of those offset dot inlays?

I know that 3-5-7-9 inlays are the same radius, 12 is little smaller, 15-17-19-21 and 24 are even more smaller.... am I right? Please correct me if I'm wrong, and please give me the exact radius numbers.

And one more question... does anybody know if Ibanez has logo font to download somewhere on Internet?

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Dot inlays can vary from manufacture to manufacture depending on what supplier or brand your buying, are you refering to a specific guitar manufacture's model of guitar?

OMG, I'm stupid, I haven't mentioned...!!

It's about Ibanez, dots like the ones on JPM, or RG 3xxx, or USA Custom...

Inlays like this one:


+ sorry about hotlinking, I'm new here and haven't read all the topics and rules yet.

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Hotlink or no hotlink.....who cares....

Thing that worries me is that you actually like this mish & match of dots on that neck.

It looks like toddler did it...who couldn't make up his/her mind......

In my project I'm doing a off-set dot setup too......


....but I'm darn making sure, it does look right.

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