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Onboard Distortion

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Ok, so I've been searching around for some stuff about electronics. I'm starting to get it, circuits, schematics, diagrams, stomp boxes, etc. My project I wanna do is an onboard distortion switch on a guitar. It would have LP style wiring (2 HB, 2v, 2t, 3 way switch) and a Coron Distortion 10 circuit with, a gain, and volume knob on it.

Basically what I did was took a schematic of both, and connected the two. I basically need a proof reader as I'm not as electronically coordinated as some people on the forum **cough** lovekraft **cough** ansil **cough** saber **cough.** :D

heres my schematic warning, very large picture ahead, click at your own risk

link: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v461/gle...ghschematic.jpg

(LP Diagram courtesy of FlatEarth Guitars http://www.flatearthguitars.com/Gibson_Les...-_2_Pickup.jpg)

(Coron Distortion 10 schematic courtesy of www.diystompboxes.com http://www.diystompboxes.com/pedals/dist10.gif)

My other question is, does anyone know of any big pros/cons with doing onboard distortion stuff? Any big speed bumps?

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Yes, that'll work - I'd use a DPDT switch on the bypass to keep it from sucking tone when it's bypassed (and it will, wired as shown). I'd also wire in a stereo jack to remove power (at the ground) from the board when you're unplugged, and I'm not sure I'd want what is basically a modded Distortion + in my axe, but if you like it, go for it!

Just remember to put the battery somewhere you can get to when you need to replace it. Build or breadboard the circuit first so you're sure you like it before you go to the trouble of stuffing everything into the cavity, and keep in mind that with two germanium diodes on the output, you're not going to get a real hot signal going to your amp, because it'll be hard-clipped at about +/-300mV. I don't think I missed anything, but if i did, I'm sure someone will call it to my attention. :D

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BSIAB is fairlly high gain so if you use that then id make sure you shield the cavity of your guitar well. i suppose the same goes for any high gain device really so make sure you do.

which circuit you have is a matter of taste but like LK said, go with a stereo jack to switch the power to it on/off and also go with a DPDT.

the only other thing id think about is how you're going to have volume/tone controls set up. obvious choice is to have them after Pups and before distortion but then if you have a volume and drive pot in the distortion circuit then do you want to have 6 knobs flying about on the guitar. just something to give a bit of consideration to maybe.

otherwise i cant see much holding you back. onboard effects are pretty cool and make life a bit easier if you want to change things mid song. i have a brian may treble booster built into my homemade frankenstrat and the range of sounds it can get just by playing with a master volume, master tone and treble/dry signal mix pot is amazing

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yeah, i dunno about the 6 pots, I think I'll have a master v and master tone, and then a dist. gain, and dist volume and have it like a normal LP/ SG setup. Well, I might actually just end up building a pedal instead because things can end up getting too complicated pretty fast. Plus this is my first circuit board design so I don't wanna try anything too complicated. BTW, LK, what does hard-clipped mean?

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personally i would go with a three stage distortion i mean unless you are simply going to overdrive your amp. you canbuild a nice threestage with just a part or two more and have something that will spank your amp into submission. but then again whatever floats your boat.

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