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first build

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id like to build my first guitar, but i dont want to do anything too complicated.

what guitar designs would you recommend i try? i have limited tools and no router, which seems to be the most important tool in building a guitar.

i thought about doing a Danelectro 59 with a tele neck.

becuase i dont have a router i thought i could chisel out the space for the pickups and electronics and fill in the space with wood filler. once its sanded and painted you wouldnt be able to tell the diffrence. or i could even cover the space with a pickguard. i dont know how it would effect the sound, but it should work. fitting the neck would be a bit of a nightmare though.

what do you think and just out of interest what was your first builds and how did they turn out?

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Are you planning on building the neck as well as the body?

I've not built from scratch myself, but have assembled a few, customised nearly every guitar I've ever owned to some degree, and have re-finished one 'test' strat which turned out ok.

If you're not planning to build your neck, but are planning on buying one in, I've noticed allparts do Danelectro necks and other fittings and parts. The original Danelectro bodies are somewhat odd in their use of materials, (some form of particle board I believe?!). If you chisel carefully, I would think that you may not have to fill at all.

Good luck!


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Sounds like you pretty much already have plan's in mind which is great.

Now come's the figuring out part on what you want to attemp yourself or just purchase. Neck's seem to be harder for everyone for some reason and yes a router would come in real handy I'm sure if you don't have one.

If by chance you do get one though be sure to practice on some scrap lumber to get a feel for the machine, they can be scarry at first and noisy and through sawdust everywhere........mmmmmmmmmm the smell of freshly routed wood (go's in vet mode on a spring morning in battle) B) (problem is idiot you were never a vet) :D anyway practice anyway with what ever tools you are not familiar with on scrap pieces till your completely comfortable using them.

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heres a quick mock up of what id like to do:



i think it looks pretty good, but i think the top part opposit the cutaway (name?) looks too small and needs to be more meaty. also i wouldnt do it in that color.

obviously the real one would have smoother edges, i did this really quickly :D


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