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Sanding Padauk/zebrawood Laminate

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I am building a guitar from padauk zebrawood and a little bit of purple heart. I have laminated tthem all together and band sawed it out into my favorite guitar, a JEM. :D

I sanded a scrap piece (Thank god I did!), and the orange padauk dust is collecting in the zebawood pores. :D

I've searched throughout the site and came up with no solutions to my problem.

I am sanding it with 220 grit sandpaper, if I went to a higher grit do you think less dust would collect in the pores? Or should I not sand at all?

Also, is there any way of removing the sawdust after its already in there.

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I like to use a scraper/razor blade on laminates. It seems to keep everything clean.

Otherwise, if you're going to finish it, you can get it close to perfect with a scraper/blade, and then apply the first sealer coat of whatever you're doing, to hopefully seal off the pores from getting anything too deeply in them. So if you're going to oil it, put a couple coats on before the final sanding. Even though you'll be removing the coats with sanding, compressed air might work better if the pores are oiled. Or if you're doing a gloss finish then a washcoat of whatever you're doing would do the same thing.

I did an ebony/maple neck and I sealed it with rattle can nitro before I finished sanding it. Then, although I sanded the nitro off, it stayed in there and protected the maple from ebony dust. So it's an oil finish neck, but there's a little nitro coating hiding inside those pores.


Also try sanding with a vacuum right up in there so no dust has the chance to clog the paper or get pressed into the other species. Sand in a straight line with the laminates, and vacuum and change paper frequently.

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