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Fat Strat Wiring Help - Two Humbuckers


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I am putting a couple of humbuckers into a strat pickguard I have that accepts them. I understand how to wire if they were with a 4 way conductor lead wire, but they have the vintage push back wire.

How does this sound? I ran the lead wires, grounding the braid, to the first two positions of the selector switch. I beleive I will only get to use the first 3 postions. In essence just position 1 neck, 2 blend, 3 bridge. (When I turned it on, no sound, maybe a wire came undone or something. Not sure, it was too late to try to fix it!. I think it will work!)

Does this sound alright? Or any better ideas. I can't find a diagram in the schematics section to aid me.

Thanks for all the help


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But what if all I got lying arond is the five way and reall want to wire it up today!

Any ideas?



Personally, I'd unwrap the coils and split both of them, then you've got a ton of options.

As is you only really got a 3-way, phasing is not going to have that much effect with humbuckers so reversing phase to get a differet option is pointless.

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