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Piezo T-o-m


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Hey there,

i'm starting to think and plan my first electric guitar!

what i want in it is 2HBs with coil tap and a PIEZO

Basiaclly, what i was thinking is getting something like a fishman tune-o-matic piezo...

how much is that? anything cheaper and/or better?

also, what kind of circuit do i need for this? if i want to get both the HBs and the piezo at the same time?? (the "powerchip" from fishman?)

thanks a lot!


Ok so there's the Ghost system from Graphtech(Ghost saddles). 100$ but that's without a bridge... Then, i would need a strat-style bridge (hardtail)

so, 150$...

OR i could get a LR baggs... (TOM)

for about 150$ too...

1st: wich is better?

2nd: do those need the preamps both compagnies sell?

thanks again

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I use the LR baggs one on my strat with a stereo cable. I did have the CTRL-X wotsit, but to be honest, its ****! I found the best way to get a good sound is to use a DI box (like a behringer ADI21, nice and cheap :D) with the piezo feeding straight into it (through a volume pot if you like). Never tried the graphtech ones to tell you what they're like, but i've only heard good things (except for the price!). But the LR baggs bridges are great. Theres someone on EBay who sells em for $99 with free worldwide postage. Reynolds311 if i remember? Hope that's of help to you!


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Yeah, you can build a preamp - in fact, any clean and quiet preamp with a fairly high (1Meg or better) input impedance will work. Here are a couple of suggestions - your dad should probably be able to throw one together without much trouble (if you can get him sufficiently motivated). :D

Stratoblaster (from General Guitar Gadgets)

Don Tillman's JFET Preamp

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well, after showing him the FET preamp, he seems convinced its a very small job.

asked him about a volume pot, and he talked about changing R3 for one.

would that work, for volume control? or should we just put one right after output or something...

anyways, thanks a lot. You saved me a good hundred bucks :D

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