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Questions About Paint

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I need paint. I had my guitar stripped and primed, but no paint.

1) Where should I get the paint:

ReRanch (I need paint for more than one guitar, seems too expensive for mulitple guitars)

Home Depot (I got most of the other stuff I needed here, but is the paint crap?)

Auto Body Store (Probably the best place, but how expensive are they? These are for no name guitars)

Sherwin Williams (Cheaper than an auto body store?)

2) What kind of paint should I get:

Enamel (No clear coat?)

Nitro Laquere (ReRanch sells it, Nitro clear?)

Poly (Isn't this stuff supposed to be strong? Poly clear?)

3) I know the color I want comes in enamel, but it's not shinney. How do I make it shinney?

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I was having a similar problem... but with help from people on this site and reading alot.. I just put on the best coat ever.. and looks just like a factory guitar finish... here is what I used.. but you can use whatever you like...

1. http://www.plastikote.com/plastikote/auto/...=SandablePrimer

2. I used a Plastikote Car Color Paint.. it's only one I found with the right kind of paint to do a guitar... acrylic lacquer.. it will say on the back of the product that it contains acrylic lacquer.. I used FM 8085 which is blue on the guitar I'm currently finishing... here is a link for that product... http://www.plastikote.com/plastikote/auto/...roduct=carcolor

It comes in a small 6oz. can that's easy to paint with.. so buy 2 cans just in case you need that much.. and spray 2-4 coats...

3. Then applied the top coat with a hard clear lacquer... about 10 coats will do... sanding with various grits and then wet sanding with finer grit(1500) for example... until your done... this is the product I used... I doubt you will find a better lacquer product... it's nitrocellulose lacquer.. and cheap.. lol.. but don't spread the word... till I buy enough to do all my guitar work


I tried alot of lacquers out before this one and they don't even compete...

Good Luck and remember there are plenty of other companies out there... just have to find one that will suit your needs...

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Automotive paint can be very expensive. I have sold paint at the store I work for that cost $180 per ounce. If you have friends in the paint and body business you can come out much cheaper. If you are on their good graces, all you have to do is buy about 4-6 ounces of paint. Borrow some reducer, clear, and hardner from the inside man, and you got it cheap.

The problem is while a paint shop can mix a few ounces of paint, we can not sell lower amounts of the reducers, etc. Everything has to be bought in quarts and gallons (although some hardeners come in half pints and pints).

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I've used everything from water based paints to house paint to model paint to automotive paint to paint made specifically for guitars, they all work in one way or another!

The big challenge is getting comfortable working with the one you decide to go with and getting the type of finish your after. First thing is first though and thats finding out whats available near bye where you live and making a budjet thats big enough to go back and get a second helping if you have problems with the first batch.

That's why I always try to tell people practice on a scrap piece of wood first to see what your going to have to do it make it right :D

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Yeah if not for Brian I'd have done my first paint job on my first guitar... thank god I didn't.. my first one was terrible... Yeah test your paint out on a scrap piece of wood .. also any band saw cutting etc. should be attempted on scrap.. or you could regret it later.. when you've ruined a 150 dollar piece of wood...

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So I should just look around locally to find good paint? I know Walmart sells the color I want, but it's a flat enamel. Is there any type of clear that would make that shinney? Also, what is the best type of paint to use, enamel, laquer, poly, or doesn't it matter as long as I use that type of clear?

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Like they told me.. yeah you can use enamel.. but It will more than likely give you problems later on.. cracking etc. and also when you sand it.. it balls up on you.. kinda making it harder to work with.. also... I asked this same question one time.. and I was told that enamel is super hard to remove from guitars... so If it was ever to be redone.. stripped and repainted.. then you'd have more problems than if you'd have used different kind of paint.. so far, from what I read.. acrylic lacquer seems to be the best choice.. but then again.. you probably didn't even read my post.. soo.. lol

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