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Floyd Rose Locking Nut Without Trem

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I was originally going to use a floyd rose original tremelo but the guitar body has a monstor crack across the body right where the trem hole would, be making the body pretty weak. So I'm ordering a Tonepro tunamatic bridge instead to avoid the crack as much as possible (Even though I'm fixiing the crack anyway).

Is it possible to use a floyd locking nut with the tonepro cuz my neck is all ready preped for one (Warmoth neck)

Just being paranoid and making sure :D

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You'll need a fine tuning tailpiece like the Schaller one. Locking the strings witht he pad throws them out of tune a little, because the pad shifts a little, or sometimes your angle is such that he locking actually pulls the note sharp because it pulls the back end of the string down a little. I wouldn't recommend it without a fine tuning tailpiece, however I would highly recommend it otherwise. A fine tuning TOM and a lock nut would be a neat combination.

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Is the new bridge a match for the radius of the fingerboard?

not sure, What do you mean :D

Well, I don't know what radius Floyds normally are-- but I believe they've been available (at least) in 12" radius and 15" radius flavours. Most Tune-O-Matic style bridges are 12" radius. So, depending on what the neck/original bridge were, either you'll have a match or you won't. If you try using a 12" radius bridge on a 15" radius neck, you're going to run into difficulties. :D


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fine tuning TOM and a lock nut -- See old Skid Row videos. This is how Dave Sabo's LP Jr. (the real Gibson one) was set up. BB King's sig Lucilles use the fine tuner tailpiece with a seperate TOM bridge, no locking nut though. Original Floyds are a 10" radius. So many companies have used original, "good" and "bad" copies, I'm sure about any radius is available. The Iron Maiden Strat has the "vintage" 7.25" radius and a Floyd, and on the other extreme, lots of "pointy" guitar were 16" (a few 17" -Heartfield (Fender) Talon).

Finally, you can always use a locking nut as a non-locker -- just completely back out the allen screws and remove the little clamp pieces.

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