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Free Wood found!!!

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A good friend (aka TimberKing ) on this msg board.. that also plays guitar in the same band that I'm in, has went over the edge.. lol... I had no idea that he also had always wanted to build a guitar also... so, I was showing him some guitars that people on this web page have made... and he was floored... we'll I didn't think anything of it.. forgetting that he was a boss at a lumber plant... lol... he called me a couple of days later and informed me that he had just talked to one of his friends that is in the funiture building business.. and asked if he had any good lumber around that he wasn't using that he could buy... but turns out he's gonna end up giving him four 12'x8"x2" boards of ash... we think swamp ash at that... so we found a person who has a kiln that will run it through... It's gonna be enough to make 6 to 7 guitars... man that's cool... now we are looking for free maple so we can have a bunch of necks.. lol... Anyone know much about Ash.. I know it's a porous wood... and is kinda light weight.. but what I was wondering is.. if it's good for staining and translucent paints?.... Anyone know?

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