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The Final Peices

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As unorganized as I am, I'm trying to find the final two parts for my body before it arives so that I can Have them when it gets here. I'm planning on buying a book on how to do binding, and my dad is going to show me how to stain the body properly. But I'm having probelms finding Aqua blue stain. Stew mac has blue, but its to dark for the pool/ocean effect that I am going for. If anyone has bought it before or has seen it online latly, and could tell me where they got it that would rock. :D



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mix dude..

little blue, little green, adjust the strength.. Or might have better luck with adding yellow to blue on second thought..

You dont' even have to order stewmac, if you have a woodcraft around, check out the transtint powered dyes. 10 bucks a bottle but it makes a ton of liquid dye.. like 2 quarts or something. so you can monkey around with amounts till you get a formula you like.

or order the dyes from lmi lmii.com i think they are 3.95 a bottle for 1 oz insted of the 2 oz you get with transtint but it's still a heck of a lot of dye

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If you do mix your dye then make sure to measure each color so you can match your final color again just in case it spills or you run out.

Test on some scrap first. Otherwise, the chances of nailing the color you want the first time are very low.

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