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Bridge Choices To Fit My Needs

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I want to remove the double locking tremelo from my guitar and replace it with a standard bridge.

Currently I am fitting a block of wood to go into the slot and fill it so it will be ready. What I need help with is picking a bridge and knowing how to handle installing it. MF pretty much only carries tunomatics, which is what I plan on going for most likely.

What I really need to know from these is:

1. how deep does the hole in the guitar go to hold the bridge mounts.

2. what kind of whole does it require - threaded, or something special to hold it and yet allow for action adjustment.

Anything else you think I might need to know would be nice. If you'd recommend something other than the tunomatic let me know - but it seems like the best solution.

I'm also going to put a standard nut on for simplicity sake - any suggestions?

Thanks guys!

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or recess the TOM into the new hunk of wood that will occupy the former trem cavity.

What is MF and why is it imperative that you buy from them? A regional issue?


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Hey guys - i can buy parts from anyone who ships to USA. I didn't mean i would only buy from them.

they usually have a variety but there bridge parts are stragely small

anyways - let me say again to be clear.

i am putting a wood block in to fill the recess for the previously tremelo - the guitar will look as if it had no recess in it.

So, that said - and all retailers open - what is a decent solution for under 70 dollars - i would like it to be silver, will settle with gold.

Thanks guys!

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I thought by recessed you meant the cut out cavity. If not then I am not sure what recessed means - and how I would need to change to neck.

Describe it to me - also even a cheap TOM is on the high end - I don't need much really, just one name out of the billions that will fit an "ibanez" style guitar will do. if it looks nicer that'd be cool.

so what is recessed i dunno.

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okay...if the tremelo is recessed then the original height of the bridge above the body is much lower than a t.o.m. would be...therefore the neck angle on the guitar is set for optimum action with a shorter bridge...so if you put a t.o.m. on it,the strings will be about 1/2" or so above the 24th fret.....

so you would need to shim the neck pocket to increase the neck angle.

instead...use this bridge


same height as the recessed floyd.just sits on top of the body after you plug the recess.

or you could use this one


cheaper...but the strings have to go through the body..

same with this one


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why are you changing it? want a different look? just want a hardtail? trem is dieing a slow and painful death? If moneys an issue then i would just block up the trem so it cant move simple and effective, and means your not destroying your guitar.


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