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Ebony Fretboard Blank

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i got one that i don't need right now, 27 inches long, about 22 usable, .275 thick, 2 and 5/8's wide, they just fit on my 7 string necks, 11$ plus what ever it costs to ship it the way you want..

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http://www.colonialtonewoods.com (Click on "Woods" scroll down to bottom, click on "Building Supply". )

They'll make you a custom size, it looks like.

Some here too:


Sorry if that's not what you're looking for, I was researching for my own 7-string neck-thru project, and I came across these.


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Hey Derek, Thanks for the offer, but thats not wide enough. I play guitars that are a touch narrower at the nut, and wider at the 24th fret. Also, with the scale being 26" instead of 24.75 or 25.5, it has to be a bit wider yet.

I'll check those out baba. I got an email from a company today, which was pretty weak. They were like "you can order purple heart from this page....." and I don't do business with people not willing to help me heh.

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