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Direct Mounted Pu's Giving Horrible Feedback?

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I just realized that when playing louder with my custom 7-string I get terrible feedback even if I am holding the strings. After a little research I found out that it's the PU resonating. The whole pickup is vibrating, because it is not mounted fix enough. My PU's are direct mounted: Two screws directly in the wood with a spring in between the wood and the PU. The springs are alredy quite strong. Do I need stronger springs or is this mounting method simply a bad idee? How I else could I direct mount the PU's and still have them height adjustable?



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Determine the space between the bottom of the cavity and the baseplate of the pickup, and cut a wooden shim to fill this gap. Screw the p'up down against the shim. Anything else isn't really direct mounting anymore than using a ring is - your pickup is still 'floating' on springs.

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i think all pickups are mounted this way?well all of my pickups are like that and they dont do that.wen did this happen?did you remove the pickups once?

he built this guitar from scratch,whitey

say maestro...you can do the shim thing if you want to...but the way the factories do it is to place foam rubber between the back of the pickup and the bottom of the cavity...pack it in tight...this will solve the problem and you can still use the adjustment springs.

setch is right...that is not REALLY direct mounting..but it is a viable mounting method which is used quite a bit

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from scratch,thats one thing i at least know about on this forum lol

it must be something to do withthe wiring,cause i have thot about it,i dont just post the first thing that comes to me head lol.

cause my custom bass,the pickups are fine,and there directly mounted.do you think its a sond problem?as in the guitar is resonating to much?or a motre technical thing like the polarity,was it working fine one day,then started going all queer on you?

or did u do something to it?

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Thanks for the answers guys!

I will simply put some foam behind the PU's. That should stabilize them enough to not start vibrating. Could have had that idea myself....lol!

P.s.: Concerning the proper name for that mounting method: To me this is at least more direct mounted than a pickguard or pu rings! :D

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