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Gravity Feed Paint Guns Vs. Siphon Feed Paint Guns

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As of now I'm using a siphon feed "touch up" paint gun for painting my guitars and equiptment. However, I've seen a lot of people use gravity feed guns and it seems like a gravity feed gun would waste less paint(due to a siphon's feed tube). Can anyone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of a gravity feed gun vs. a siphon feed gun? Also, how does a pressure feed gun stack up to them?

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A gravity feed is very good at low-volume spraying because you need less air. They are a pain-in-the-butt to get used to after using siphons. The wasted paint saved is nothing, after cleanup. Gavity feeds are great for graphics and touchups for us regular folk. You can go SO slow with one. I own one but I haven't seen it since my wife took it to paint some doors in the temple kitchen. Wanna bet what happened to it?

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