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Diy Wireless Guitar System


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The title pretty much says it all.

I've done some searching and was kind of shocked that I didn't find a good schematic. I saw a couple that were just FM transmitters, but how is the fidelity on those compared to the professional systems? And interference seems like a big problem (I guess this depends on the frequency range).

Anyone know of a good homemade solution, or a reason why it's too complicated for the average builder? It seems like there should be a simple IC designed for this kind of thing.



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A simple search for "wireless" brings up this thread along with several others that are probably worth reading):


That's why we have the search engine.

See if that doesn't answer your questions. If you'd still like to build one, go to Mark Hammer's site, go to page 7 and scroll down to the bottom to see what's involved in building your own.

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Ever use a cheap, unsophisticated wireless unit? If not, you need to. A bad wireless unit (even a so-called Diversity) can ruin the gig, blow amps, blow speakers and make life miserable. If the folk we set up OUR sound equip. for won't use our wireless stuff, I put a severe hard-knee compressor/limiter on their input and tell them to live with it. I don't need the pops and cracks that come out of a cheap wireless costing me money. A good wireless 2 to 12 channel system should cost at least $800.00 and noone is gonna give you a DIY schematic for it, like it would do any good with all the proprietory components involved.

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